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Echoes & Covid-19

Due to the effects of current coronavirus pandemic – the postponement of all gigs, a slowdown of releases, store closures and more – Echoes will not be publishing a print edition of the May issue. Instead, we aim to continue online for the time being with news updates, features and reviews. These will be free to view and added to our site on a frequent, though irregular, basis: we’ll send out alerts via social media and our online mailing list.
Decisions as to future print editions will be made as deadlines approach and in the light of information available at the time. Rest assured, though, that this is a temporary measure only, one that will leave Echoes in the best position to resume normal service as soon as the situation allows.
Subscribers will have any missed issues added to their subscription, as appropriate.
Stay well – and keep checking this site for updates.
Chris Wells [Editor]

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