Kickstart CHURCH

Pianist, producer and live-remixer Mark de Clive-Lowe [MdCL] has turned to the popular album funding website Kickstarter to finance efforts to take his famous CHURCH club nights on record.
The half-Japanese, half-New Zealander is now based in Los Angeles and over the past few years his CHURCH gigs have been a mainstay on both LA and NYC club scenes, with guests ranging from contemporary jazz greats Eric Harland and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, to hip-hop royalty Jean Grae and DJ Spinna, and legendary producers like Questlove of The Roots and Leon Ware. Sound like a jazz club mashed up with a dance party siphoned through a hip-hop sensibility? Yep, that’s what it is.
CHURCH attendees are now used to the sight of MdCL armed with piano, drum machines and all manner of technological toys, leading the way on the bandstand making like a cross between McCoy Tyner and Flying Lotus – all over the piano’s 88 keys, programming beats on the fly while live sampling the guest vocalists and horn players. The man creates records live on stage out of thin air.
The CHURCH album would be Mark’s 11th studio set to date and will include special guest artists and musicians as well as plenty of the surprises that he’s made his trademark.
The Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 days and supporters will be able to choose from pre-ordering the new album on multiple formats, getting back catalogue packs, private lessons and plenty more. He’s even offering lifetime tickets for his shows anywhere in the world.
Over the 30 day campaign, MdCL will also be releasing a brand new series of multi camera One Take solo performance videos where he displays the essence of his performance process using a grand piano, drum machine, keyboard and two effects pads. Creating from scratch, remixing and deconstructing in less than three minutes – that’s what it’s all about.