Lianne: Album Three Set For July

Johnny Burgos Slider

Following her very cool single Bittersweet released back in Feb, South London’s Lianne La Havas will present her brand new album, Lianne La Havas, on July 17.
The set, her third and first fresh project in five years, is heralded by a new single, Paper Thin, available to stream on all platforms as of now.

The creation of the album has seen La Havas spending a great deal of time moving back and forth between the UK and the States, working on writing and exploring her own identity. Influences of such as Milton Nascimento, Al Green, Jaco Pastorious and even Joni Mitchell crop up across the album, as the 10 songs span the arc of a love relationship.

The recording process for album number three began in earnest by accident: returning from a glorious, sunny Glastonbury festival performance in June 2019, La Havas and her core band decided to see if they could nail their live version of Radiohead’s Weird Fishes in the studio:
“I had the most wonderful, nourishing experience recording that,” she says. “And that’s where I decided: the rest of the album needs to be like this. It’s got to be my band, and I’ve got to do it in London, whenever people have time.”
By the following October, she had all the songs together and, by December, everything was recorded – mainly in London, but also in Bath and New York. In keeping with the album’s intimate feel, everyone who contributed to the record is a trusted collaborator, including long-term songwriting ally Matt Hales, co-producer Beni Giles, and guest co-producer Mura Masa.