Jay Sean’s Mistress 2 For Free!!!

Jay Sean, the UK’s most successful R&B export, last week announced that he has chosen to part ways with Cash Money Records and is preparing to release his latest body of work The Mistress II independently next month, in line with his return home to the UK.
The departure comes six years after Sean signed to Cash Money, where he released two albums, All Or Nothing, in 2009, featuring the Billboard top 10 hits Down and Do You Remember, followed in 2013 with Neon, which spawned the R&B song Mars, which went to number 23 on the Rhythmic radio charts.
Sean admits there were artistic differences that led to his decision:
“I had and still maintain a great relationship with [Cash Money CEOs] Slim and Baby. They believed in me and my talent and our partnership obviously garnered a lot of pop success. But it got to the point where I was chasing pop success and ‘the smash’ when really my heart wasn’t in it any more. That’s not why I got into this game.”
Moving forward independently, and returning to his true R&B roots, Jay Sean is now set to release his new mixtape, The Mistress II, with the video to the first single Tears in the Ocean.
The album is a return to his musical roots and the original UK urban R&B vibe that made him an urban star. It’s definitely closer in spirit and sound to his earlier albums Me Against Myself and My Own Way.
For Sean, The Mistress II was a labour of love:
“This is a passion project for me, it’s the kind of music I love to listen to and make. The mixtape is all original production and the songs are brand new. My goal was to create a complete, solid body of work for The Mistress II, it’s definitely not a collection of catchy singles meant to grab your attention in the first five seconds. I want people to listen to it in its entirety, I’m trying to get back to where people lived with music and let music grow on them and fall in love with a whole album.”

Tears in the Ocean and the complete mixtape The Mistress II will be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUESDAY FROM NOVEMBER 18 AT 6PM!

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