Salute Music Makers Launches

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What is it?
Salute Music Makers is a brand new online talent search, just launched, to locate our finest young, unsigned songwriters. It costs £20 per track to enter [up to a maximum of four], but there’s every chance you’ll at least get your money back from Salute’s innovative ‘shared revenue’ scheme. Salute will set aside 5% of all advertising and sponsorship revenue, to be placed into a fund to be split between all the ‘Music Makers’ at the end of the competition.

What It’s Not
Unlike some TV talent shows, Salute intends to emphasise the originality and creativity of the participants – it’s not looking for a bunch of Mariah Carey copyists or the next boy band. Neither will it be poking fun at competitors who step forward to contribute their compositions.

How Does It Work?
Simply hit any of the links below, upload your track or tracks to the Salute portal and it/they will be heard. A crack team of industry professionals – including musicians from across the musical genres – will listen to and evaluate the expected thousands of entries and then whittle that number down to the 100 best. While that’s going on, fans and artists can interact on the platform, sharing, liking, commenting and even creating playlists.
The public then gets to vote online to create a top 6 of finalists, each of whom will take part in a series of televised live shows to determine the ultimate winner.

What Could You Win?
All top 6 finalists will receive £10,000. The ultimate winner will receive another £40,000 on top, making a total of £50,000, the largest such prize on offer anywhere. No strings attached.

Salute’s Aim
With former frontman of The Undertones, Feargal Sharkey, at the helm of the competition, Salute is not seeking to favour one form of music over another. Their search is for a songwriter/music creator of any genre, from grime to grunge, or soul, funk, reggae, hip-hop and jazz through to pop, who encapsulates the UK music scene at this time.

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