Roberson On The Box

Independent soul’s top mover Eric Roberson is set to release a new album, The Box, which, in something of a departure for him, features more live instrumentation, including strings and horns. The theme of the album – for release on Dome on August 11 – is the boombox.
Says Eric: “I was born and raised a hip-hop kid with my sister’s boombox by my side. No matter whether I’m wearing a tailored suit, top hat and brogues, that boombox mentality is still present.  Musically that’s what we are after on this album… that boom bap that’s meant to get your heart rate up”.
The Box thus reveals the evolution of the Roberson sound, slightly jazzy in places, influenced by the music of different cities – among them New Orleans, Memphis and Los Angeles.
Guests include Blackstreet’s Dave Hollister, King – a talented Los Angeles female vocal trio who have opened for Prince – and rapper Pharoahe Monch.  Eric’s father James also has a vocal cameo on the closing cut Do The Same For Me.